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Not your grandaddy's metal roof

Napier Sheet Metal has been installing metal roofing in Southern Louisiana for over a century. In that timeframe, metal roofing technology has come an incredibly long way. Today, you can get a long-lasting metal roof in virtually any style or color you want!

Benefits of metal roofing:

  -   Lasts for decades

  -   Easy to maintain

  -   Affordable

  -   Fire and wind-resistant

  -   Save money on heating and cooling costs

  -   Save money on insurance costs

  -   Colors to suit your personal style

  -   Lighter weight, less stress on structure

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At Napier Sheet Metal, we calculate your quote according to the needs of your project, not someone else's pre-set guidelines. So you won't pay for materials you won't use, or hours we don't work.

We offer Energy Star rated metal roofing systems. Save money on your utility bills!

Don't forget gutters for your new metal roof. Call today:

Most metal roofing products we carry come with a lifetime or comprehensive warranty. Your roof should last the better part of a century. Can a shingle roof do that?