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          Quality and Service Since 1893

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          Protect your investment

          You'll have it made in the shade

          When we talk about "metal covers," we're not referring to '80s bands remaking songs from the '60s. We're talking about helping protect your most prized possessions, and making your outdoor space more liveable and enjoyable with the help of Napier Sheet Metal.

          Uses for metal covers:

            -   RV storage  

            -   Boat storage  

            -   Patio covering

            -   Party and picnic shelters

            -   Airplane hangars  

            -   Shade for livestock

            -   Open or enclosed

            -   Colors to match any decor

          Contact Napier Sheet Metal


          When you decide to add to your "toy collection," you don't have to cram them all under a cover that barely fits. The beauty of today's metal covers is that modifying or adding onto them is easy. Let's talk about what you want to protect!

          Don't let the sun make your vehicle look older than it's time. Call us today!

          Rain won't put a damper on your barbecue anymore!

          The materials in our metal covers are specifically designed to keep the sun off your vehicles, so they'll stay looking as good as the day you drove them home!