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          Quality and Service Since 1893

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          Two-story models available

          Buildings for living and working

          Metal buildings have become incredibly popular, and what's not to like? They can be built more quickly than stick-built structures. They can withstand Louisiana's toughest weather and the finished product can be inviting enough to live in. Let Napier Sheet Metal show you your options!

          Examples of metal buildings:

            -   Industrial manufacturing facilities

            -   Warehouse buildings

            -   Steel crane buildings

            -   Oil and gas buildings

            -   Garages and auto repair shops

            -   Office complexes

            -   Barns

            -   Storage sheds

          Contact Napier Sheet Metal


          The only permanent thing in life is change! If you need storage solutions that can move with you, call Napier Sheet Metal. We offer a variety of portable metal buildings for virtually any need. Best of all, they look and feel permanent!

          Metal buildings can be put up quickly and economically. Call us to learn more!

          Napier Sheet Metal is family owned and operated.

          Tell us what you intend to use your metal building for and Napier Sheet Metal can help you find a floor plan and exterior design that suits you perfectly.